The library has several policies in place in order to help maintain discipline and order in the library. Users found violating these policies will be subject to disciplinary action.

General Library Policies Library Use Policies
  • Computers are provided for study and research only. Make sure you logout before you leave to have the computer ready for the next user.
  • Users found damaging the collection will be fined
  • Use of cellular phones or other electronic devices is prohibited in the library
  • No loud groups. If you need to use the library for group study please go to floor one "B"
  • To find a book on the shelf ask the person responsible on that floor for assistance.
  • Smoking, Drinking and Eating in the library is prohibited
  • All bags must be checked at the cloakroom to the right of the entrance to the library
  • Do not leave your valuable things, purse and official documents at the cloakroom. The library is not responsible for their loss.
  • Do not leave your bag at the cloakroom while you are not in the library.
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