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Mathematics :: الرياضيات
موسوعات:المكتبة الرئيسية - الطابق الأول
QA28.Sh5 1991موسوعة علماء الرياضيات
QA41.3.S26 2003موسوعة التعريفات العلمية : الرياضيات
Encyclopedias : Main Library - Floor 1
QA40.V18 1977The VNR concise encyclopedia of mathematics
QA21.C645 1994Companion encyclopedia of the history and philosophy of the mathematical sciences
QA5.L495 2001Lexikon der Mathematik : in sechs Banden
QA427.E53 2005Encyclopedia of nonlinear science
Q121.M29 2009 McGraw-Hill concise encyclopedia of science & technology
Mathematics :: الرياضيات
أدلة:المكتبة الرئيسية - الطابق الأول
Handbooks : Main Library - Floor 1
QA155.H68A handbook of terms used in algebra and analysis
QA36.H3Handbook of applicable mathematics
QA40.K598 1968Mathematical handbook for scientists and engineers ; definitions , theorems , and formulas for reference and review
QA40.P38Handbook of applied mathematics : selected results and methods
QA47.A34 1965Handbook of mathematical functions , with formulas , graphs , and mathematical tables
QA273.B925 1970Handbook of probability and statistics with tables
QA276.B44 1968CRC handbook of tables for probability and statistics
QA343.B95 1971Handbook of elliptic integrals for engineers and scientists
QA401.M62Field theory handbook ; including coordinate systems , differential equations , and their solutions
QA11.H26 1992Handbook of research on mathematics teaching and learning : a project of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Mathematics :: الرياضيات
قواميس:المكتبة الرئيسية - الطابق الأول
QA5.A3 1983معجم الرياضيات المعاصرة
QA5.A4معجم الرياضيات : إنكليزي ، عربي مع مسرد بالألفاظ العربية
QA5.M3M8معجم الرياضيات : إنجليزي ، فرنسي ، عربي
QA76.15.M8 1987معجم مصطلحات الحاسبات الإلكترونية : عربي - إنجليزي ، إنجليزي - عربي
QA5.S35 2001قاموس العلوم الرياضية : عربي ، إنجليزي
QA276.14.B34 2010معجم المصطلحات الإحصائية : إنجليزي - عربي ، عربي - إنجليزي
QA5.S25 2009معجم الرياضيات : التعريفات العلمية
Dictionaries : Main Library - Floor 1
QA276.14.K46 1982A dictionary of statistical terms
QA5.U5 1990Unified dictionary of mathematics and astronomy terms : English - French - Arabic
QA5.A2A mathematical dictionary
QA5.J32M3 1976Mathematics dictionary
QA5.N5 1977Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematics
QA9.G698Dictionary of logical terms and symbols
QA402.3.M84Multilingual glossary of automatic control technology : English - French - German - Russian - Italian - Spanish - Japanese
QA5.B6 1995Dictionary of mathematics : English - French - Arabic
QA5.J33 1992Mathematics dictionary
QA5.M38 2003[Mathematics dictionary : English - Arabic]
Mathematics :: الرياضيات
مراجع عامة:المكتبة الرئيسية - الطابق الأول
General References : Main Library - Floor 1
QA273.W2 1974Applications of probability and random variables
QA35.N4The mathematical papers of Isaac Newton
QA55.B92 1941A new manual of logarithms to seven places of decimals
QA55.J3 1960Tables of higher functions
QA55.M65Poisson's exponential binomial limit . Table I . Individual terms . Table II . Cumulated terms
QA402.I5 1978Information and systems
QA402.3.I3 1979Identification and system parameter estimation
QA402.3.I5 1977Multivariable technological systems
QA404.O23Tabellen zur Fourier Transformation
QA47.M315 1984CRC standard mathematical tables
QA28.N66 1998Notable mathematicians : from ancient times to the present
QA278.2.M66 2001Introduction to linear regression analysis
Q125.O24 1997 The Wilson chronology of science and technology
Mathematics :: الرياضيات
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Mathematics :: الرياضيات
مجلات مطبوعه : موجودة في الطابق الأرضي
1- Pacific Journal of Mathematics
2- American Mathematical Monthly
3- Mathematical Gazette
4- Journal of the Royal Statistical Society : Series A
5- Journal Of Computational Analysis And Applications
6- Jordan Journal of Mathematics and Statistics
7- Inverse Problems and Imaging