How to Access Virtual Private Network (sslvpn.birzeit)

for users from outside the university:



1-               Open the browser (IE  or Firefox), and type the following address:

2-               Then the following screen will appear:

3-               Choose the second option called: Continue to this website (not recommended).

4-                After that the following screen will appear:



5-               Write down your username and password (the same you use for your e-mail exclude the “” part) for employee.
For students use your Ritaj login information

              Employee choose BZU and Students choose STBZU

6-               After that you Click “Sign In”

7-              Then the following message appears (for the first time):



8-                (For the first time )Chose Install, then wait for a while until the software is installed (this might take a few minutes).

9-               At last you are inside the VPN site and you could use it.