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BZU Thesis - Mathematics

# Pub. Year Call Number Title Supervisor Author
12018QA431.Y37 2018Using symmetries to solve some difference equations
Marwan AloqeiliYassen، Walaa
22018QA274.23.K43 2018Optimal strategies for an economic - agent in a continuous time model within social security system
Abdelrahim S. MousaKhalil، Sondos
32018QA251.3.M34 2018Strongly N-absorbing ideals in commutative rings and related topics
Full Text Unavailable
Mohammad SalehMaghari، Iba`a
42017QA482.S53 2017Billiards periodicity in polygons
Mohammad SalehShahwan، Ruba
52017QA380.S53 2017Dynamics and bifurcation of higher order rational difference equations
Marwan AloqeiliShareef، Asma
62017QA380.R33 2017Dynamics and bifurcation of Xn+1 = a + BXn - k / A+BXn+CXn-k, K = 1,2
Raddad، Batool
72016QA268.W34 2016Codes over rings
Mohammad SalehWahdan، Zainab Abd Alraof Hussain
82016QA402.5.M35 2016An Inverse Problem In Convex Optimization.
Dr.Marwan AloqeiliNoha Masarwah
92016QA402.2.A93 2016The adomian decomposition method for solving partial differential equations
Alaeddin ElayyanAl Awawdah، Eman
102014QA172.5.C45H36 2014Chaos in topological spaces
mohammad SalehHamza ، Tasneem
112014QA431.A93 2014Dynamics of nonlinear difference equations
Marwan AlogeiliAwawdeh، Areej
122014QA377.T58 2014Study of inverse parabolic partial differential equations with discontinuous coefficients
Alaeddin ElayyanTiti، Aseel
132014QA247.K69 2014On The Number of Ring Homomorphisms Over Certain Rings
Mohammad SalehKowkas، Sultan Amin Issa
142014QA380.B37 2014Bifurcation analysis of applied dynamical models
Marwan AloqeiliEl-Barmeel، Amal
152013QA247.3.S25 2013On some types of supplemented modules
Khaled AltakhmanSalameh ، Khitam
162013QA247.G43 2013A study on hollow-lifting modules
Mohammad SalehGhannam، Mahmoud
172013QA247.3.A282 2013Weakly injective and weakly projective modules versus extending and lifting modules
Mohammad SalehArwa Abu Alhalawa
182012QA371.M37 2012Qualitative behavior of some difference equations
mohammad salehWe'am Masarweh
192012Q172.5.C45A285 2012Devaney's definition of chaos and other forms
Mohammad Saleh Abu Khalil، Bashir
202011QA166.15.Z35 2011Paths and cycles in digraphs
Carmela OmarySaddam Zaid
212009QA614.8.A282 2009Dynamics of rational difference equation Xn+1=(alpha+betaXn)/(A+BXn+CXn-k) using mathematical and computational approach
Mohammad SalehMuna Abu Alhalawa
222009HD30.25.M68 2009Application of mathematics and game theory to industrial organization
Mohammad SalehAbdelrahim Said Mousa
232009QA431.A83 2009 Dynamics of Kth order rational difference equation
Mahammad SalehAyah Zuhair Asa
242009QA188.O34 2009 On singular value decomposition of rectangular matrices
Full Text Unavailable
Mohammad Othman OmranOdeh، Shireen Najeh Issa