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Civil Engineering :: الهندسة المدنية
موسوعات:المكتبة الرئيسية - الطابق الأول
Encyclopedias : Main Library - Floor 1
TA402.M33Materials and technology : a systematic encyclopedia of the technology of materials used in industry and commerce , including food stuffs and fuels
Q121.M29 2009 McGraw-Hill concise encyclopedia of science & technology
Civil Engineering :: الهندسة المدنية
أدلة:المكتبة الرئيسية - الطابق الأول
TA151.L512 1990دليل المهندس المدني
Handbooks : Main Library - Floor 1
TA439.A358 1981ACI manual of concrete practice
TA635.H63AJ handbook of building structure
TA403.4.B84 1977Building materials : essential information from the Building Research Establishment
TA151.C52 1973Chemical engineers' handbook
TA151.C58 1994Civil engineer's reference book
TA681.W23 1974Concrete construction handbook
TA439.T3 1977Concrete technology and practice
TA418.75.M4 1976Corrosion resistant materials handbook
TA151.C45 1973CRC handbook of tables for applied engineering science
TA683.22.D47Design handbook : in accordance with the strength method of ACI 318 - 77
TA332.T85 1998Engineering mathematics handbook
TA332.T85 1978Engineering mathematics handbook : definitions , theorems , formulas , tables
TA151.P35Field engineer's manual
TA775.W54Foundation engineering handbook
TA664.H36Handbook of composite construction engineering
TA418.9.C6H34 1993Handbook of composite reinforcements
TA418.9.C6H33 1982Handbook of composites
TA682.F56Handbook of concrete engineering
TA357.H3 1983Handbook of fluids in motion
TA705.L4 1983Handbook of geology in civil engineering nature , to be commanded , must be obeyed . Francis Bacon
TA450.A55 1997Handbook of glass in construction
TA151.C6 1971Handbook of heavy construction
TA1540.H36Handbook of optical holography
TA439.K6Handbook of structural concrete
TA478.W29Handbook of superalloys
TA549.P3Handbook of survey notekeeping
TA151.K4 1982Kempe's engineers year - book 1982
TA459.A5Metals handbook
TA444.G3Metric handbook for reinforced concrete
TA418.76.B36 1978Paints & coatings handbook for contractors , architects , builders , and engineers
TA492.P6 1973Piping handbook
TA683.2.R48 1981Reinforced concrete designer's handbook
TA462.S4 1979Seawater corrosion handbook
TA355.H35 1976Shock and vibration handbook
TA459.S4 1983Smithells metals reference book
TA151.S8 1976Standard handbook for civil engineers
TA151.H52tandard handbook of engineering calculations
TA151.S814 1996Standard handbook of heavy construction
TA685.G67 1972Steel designers' manual
TA635.G3 1979Structural engineering handbook
TA684.579.S8Structural steel designerُs handbook
TA168.M25System engineering handbook
TA666.A5 1974Timber construction manual : a manual for architects , engineers , contractors , laminators and fabricators concerned with engineered timber building and other structures
TA404.5.T56 2000Time-saver standards for building materials & systems : design criteria and selection data
TA805.T82Tunnel engineering handbook
Civil Engineering :: الهندسة المدنية
قواميس:المكتبة الرئيسية - الطابق الأول
TA9.S26 2013 معجم مصطلحات الهندسة و التقنيات و العلوم : أول معجم شامل بكل مصطلحات الهندسة و التقنيات و العلوم المتداولة و تعريفاتها
Dictionaries : Main Library - Floor 1
TA9.H35 2003A comprehensive engineering dictionary : engineering & technical terms : English - Arabic
TA9.A8 1986Arabic dictionary of civil engineering
TA402.K45 2004Dictionary of engineering materials
TA165.A45 1994Dictionary of instrumentation : English - French - Arabic
TA330.E53 1976Encyclopaedic dictionary of mathematics for engineers and applied scientists
TA9.S5 1980Engineering student dictionary : English - Arabic
TA418.9.C6E53 1989International encyclopedia of composites
TA403.B75Materials handbook ; an encyclopedia for purchasing agents , engineers , executives , and foremen
TA9.M36 1983McGraw - Hill encyclopedia of engineering
TA9.S35 1980The Penguin dictionary of civil engineering
TA9.B73 1978Worterbuch fur Bautechnik und Baumaschines
Civil Engineering :: الهندسة المدنية
مراجع عامة:المكتبة الرئيسية - الطابق الأول
General References : Main Library - Floor 1
TA404.5.A45 1980ASTM standards in building codes : specifications , test methods , practices , classifications , definitions
TA401.A653Book of A. S. T. M. standards , with related material
TA439.A5Building code requirements for reinforced concrete
TA658.44.D67Earthquake resistant design : a manual for engineers and architects
TA139.G7 1981Great engineers and pioneers in technology
TA213.M36Manual of civil engineering plant and equipment ; comprising full details and specifications of mechanical plant and equipment used in connection with all civil engineering , building quarrying , and general construction
TA350.M4Mechanics today
TA159.L3 1976Professional engineer's examination questions and answers
TA770.N48Standard Cantilever retaining walls
TA670.C86Structural masonry designer's manual
TA139.W4Who's who in engineering
TA12.W54 1980Who's who of British engineers
Q125.O24 1997 The Wilson chronology of science and technology
Civil Engineering :: الهندسة المدنية
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Civil Engineering :: الهندسة المدنية
Civil Engineering :: الهندسة المدنية
مجلات مطبوعه : موجودة في الطابق الأرضي
الهندسة المدنية
1- Journal of structural engineering
2- ACI Materials Journal
3- ACI Structural Journal
4- Highways
5- Journal of infrastructure systems
6- Structural Engineer
7- Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology
8- Concrete International
9- Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management