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English Language and Literature :: اللغة الإنجليزية وآدابها
موسوعات:المكتبة الرئيسية - الطابق الأول
Encyclopedias : Main Library - Floor 1
PE1072.C68 1995The Cambridge encyclopedia of the English language
English Language and Literature :: اللغة الإنجليزية وآدابها
أدلة:المكتبة الرئيسية - الطابق الأول
Handbooks : Main Library - Floor 1
TK7878.4.I52 1976CAMAC instrumentation and interface standards
TK7862.D5V35Computer aided design of digital systems : a bibliography
TK7885.A4C6Computer review
TK7871.9.B32 1974Second book of transistor equivalents and substitutes
TK7887.B553 1996Troubleshooting , maintaining , and repairing personal computers : a technician's guide
English Language and Literature :: اللغة الإنجليزية وآدابها
قواميس:المكتبة الرئيسية - الطابق الأول
Dictionaries : Main Library - Floor 1
PE1691.L3A concept dictionary of English
PE279.H3 1961A concise Anglo - Saxon dictionary
PE1137.L43 1972A concise pronouncing dictionary of British and American English
PE2835.N5A dictionary of American - English usage , based on Fowler's Modern English usage
PE2835.C7A dictionary of American English on historical principles
PE2835.D5 1965A Dictionary of Americanisms on historical principles
PE1689.P3 1978A dictionary of cliches : with an introductory essay
PE2835.H6 1946A dictionary of modern American usage
PE1628.F65 1965aA dictionary of modern English usage
PE1691.W4 1953A general service list of English words , with semantic frequencies and a supplementary word - list for the writing of popular science and technology
PE31.L28 1983A glossary of literature and composition
PE1574.C56 1983A second browser's dictionary and native's guide to the unknown American language
PE1693.D4A2Abbreviations dictionary : abbreviations , contractions , signs & symbols defined , including the Greek alphabet , international civil aircraft markings , numbered abbreviations , proff reader's marks , punctuation ...
PE1460.C648American usage and style , the consensus
PE2835.D5 1966Americanisms ; a dictionary of selected Americanisms on historical principles
PE1704.G76 1992British English for American readers : a dictionary of the language , customs , and places of British life and literature
PE1628.C23 2003Cambridge advanced learner's dictionary
PE1628.C23 1995Cambridge international dictionary of English
PE1315.P5C36 1997Cambridge international dictionary of phrasal verbs
PE1628.C35 1999Chambers 21st century dictionary
PE1628.C43 2002Chambers compact dictionary
PE1591.C432 2007Chambers compact thesaurus
PE1591.C43 2007Chambers students' thesaurus
PE1319.C65 1989Collins COBUILD dictionary of phrasal verbs
PE1628.C655 1995Collins COBUILD English dictionary
PE1628.C6 1979Collins dictionary of the English language
PE1628.5.C65 2002Collins new school dictionary
PE1611.K57Dictionary buying guide : a consumer guide to general English language wordbooks in print
PE1670.G8 1983Dictionary of foreign phrases and abbreviations
PE1689.N3 1996Dictionary of foreign words , phrases and expressions in the English language with their English and Arabic equivalents
PE1693.G6Dictionary of modern acronyms & abbreviations
PE1460.S5158Dictionary of problem words and expressions
PE1689.D53 2002Dictionary of selected collocations
PE1689.A287 2005Dictionary of semantic extensions , similes and conceptual metaphors : English - Arabic
PE1629.E35 1998E illustrated Oxford Dictionary
PE1628.E52Encyclopedic world dictionary
PE1628.J77 1997English pronouncing dictionary
PE1137.J55 1991English pronouncing dictionary
PE1584.P3 1969Folk - etymology : a dictionary of verbal corruptions or words perverted inform or meaning , by flase derivation or mistaken analogy
PE1628.S586 1966Funk & Wagnalls Standard college dictionary
PE1628.F83 1980Funk & Wagnalls Standard desk dictionary
PE1635.G46 2006General international dictionary : English - Arabic , French - Arabic
PE1625.B56 2000Good word guide
PE2835.W5 1976Handbook of American idioms and idiomatic usage
PE1628.L664 2004Longman active study dictionary
PE1628.L65 1995Longman dictionary of contemporary English
PE1628.L65 2003Longman dictionary of contemporary English
PE1628.L66 2001Longman dictionary of contemporary English
PE1689.L66Longman dictionary of English idioms
PE1628.L66 1998Longman dictionary of English language and culture
PE1464.L66 1997Longman essential activator : put your ideas into words
PE1097.L66 2000Longman interactive English dictionary
PE1464.L664 1993Longman language activator : the world's first production dictionary
PE1319.L66 2007Longman phrasal verbs dictionary
PE2835.M33 2002Macmillan English dictionary for advanced learners
PE1460.H438 1994Macmillan English study dictionary
PE1628.M36 1998Merriam - Webster's collegiate dictionary
PE1689.M47 1995Metaphors dictionary
PE1519.J6 1957New rhyming dictionary and poets' handbook
PE1580.P3 1963Origins : a short etymological dictionary of modern English
PE1097.S44 2004Oxford A-Z of grammar and punctuation
PE1628.O94 2000Oxford advanced learner's dictionary of current English
PE1628.H67 2005Oxford advanced learner's dictionary of current English
PE1630.O94 1992Oxford advanced learner's encyclopedic dictionary
PE1479.B87O94 2005Oxford business English dictionary : for learners of English
PE1464.O94 2006Oxford idioms dictionary for learners of English
PE1628.T73 1997Oxford learner's wordfinder dictionary
PE1628.O93 2002Oxford student's dictionary
PE1591.O95 2006Oxford thesaurus of English
PE1628.O936 1998Oxford wordpower dictionary
PE1591.R715 1988Roget's II : the new thesaurus
PE1591.L43R6 1936Roget's thesaurus of the English language in dictionary form ...
PE1680.R66Room's dictionary of confusibles
PE1628.A55 1963The American college dictionary
PE1625.A54 1982The American heritage dictionary
PE1625.A54 1969The American Heritage dictionary of the English language
PE1625.A54 1996The American heritage dictionary of the English language
PE1628.5.A446 1997The American Heritage high school dictionary
PE1464.P48 2004The Cambridge guide to English usage
PE1585.H8 1983The dictionary of even more diseased English
PE1625.L59 1979The living Webster encyclopedia dictionary of the English language
PE1625.C43 1954The New Century cyclopedia of names
PE1628.N49 1998The new Oxford dictionary of English
PE1693.F47 2000 The new Penguin dictionary of abbreviations : from a to zz
PE1591.N8 1943The Nuttall dictionary of English synonyms and antonyms : 12,000 words showing parallel expressions with opposite examples
PE3721.O94 1998The Oxford dictionary of slang
PE1625.N53 1933The Oxford English dictionary ; being a corrected reissue with an introduction , supplement , and bibliography of A new English dictionary on historical principles , founded mainly on the materials collected
PE1628.5.H3The Oxford senior dictionary
PE1689.C74 2000The penguin dictionary of cliches
PE1146.M3 1978The pergamon dictionary of perfect spelling
PE1625.R34 1975The Random House college dictionary
PE1630.B3 1980The Second Barnhart dictionary of new English
PE1625.L53 1944The shorter Oxford English dictionary on historical principles
PE1625.U64The universal dictionary of the English language
PE1591.W4 1951Webster's dictionary of synonyms ; a dictionary of discriminated synonyms with antonyms and analogous and contrasted words
PE1628.W4M4 1977Webster's new collegiate dictionary
PE1625.W35Webster's new twentieth century dictionary of the English language , unabridged
PE1628.W563 2002Webster's New World compact school and office dictionary
PE1628.W563 1961Webster's New World dictionary
PE1628.W5632 1957Webster's new world dictionary of the American language
PE1628.W4M4 1969Webster's seventh new collegiate dictionary : based on Webster's third new international dictionary
PE1625.W3 1961Webster's third new international dictionary of the English language , unabridged
PE1116.J6B7Words on words : a dictionary for writers and others who care about words
PE1591.M477 2005 The Merriam - Webster thesaurus
PE1689.B35 1997 The BBI dictionary of English word combinations
English Language and Literature :: اللغة الإنجليزية وآدابها
مراجع عامة:المكتبة الرئيسية - الطابق الأول
General References : Main Library - Floor 1
PE1106.C65 1985A comprehensive grammar of the English language
PE1442.C7 1960A glossary of phrases with prepositions ; with exercises
PE1075.P47 1968A linguistic history of English
PE1115.B86Business English and communication : an Australian course
PE1115.R63 2004Collins COBUILD Business vocabulary in practice
PE1128.I5English language and orientation programs in the United States , including a list of programs for training teachers of English as a second language
PE1319.K43 1979English phrasal verbs in Arabic
PE1128.A2G85 2008Guide to English language teaching
PE1106.S94 1996Practical English usage
PE1591.R73Roget's international thesaurus
PE1591.R7 1998Roget's thesaurus
PE1591.R7 1982Roget's Thesaurus of English words and phrases.
PE1128.A2Teaching English as a second language : an annotated bibliography
PE1408.H393Technical communication
PE1091.W44 1983The Oxford miniguide to English usage
PE1075.M3 1986The story of English
PE1168.K3 1975The word book
PE1680.R63 1947The word finder
PE1128.D354 1983TOEFL reading comprehension and vocabulary workbook
PE1680.D5 1982Words : a connoisseur's collection of old and new , weird and wonderful , useful and outlandish words
PN451.W67 1985 World authors, 1975-1980
PN451.W67 1991 World authors, 1980-1985
PN451.W67 1995 World authors, 1985-1990
English Language and Literature :: اللغة الإنجليزية وآدابها
رسائل ماجستير

English Language and Literature :: اللغة الإنجليزية وآدابها
English Language and Literature :: اللغة الإنجليزية وآدابها
مجلات مطبوعه : موجودة في الطابق الأرضي
اللغات والترجمة
1- مجلة مجمع اللغة العربية الأردني
2- مجلة جامعة الملك سعود: اللغات والترجمة
3- Language Educator
4- Babel
5- Modern Language Journal
6- English for Specific Purposes ( ESP )
7- Foreign Language Annals
8- Language Teaching
9- Linguistics
10- Tesol Quarterly
11- Language in Society
12- Journal of Linguistics