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# Pub. Year Call Number Title Supervisor Author
12014S657.S25 2014The impact of sewage sludge as a soil amendment to saline soil on the growth and development of processing tomatoes =تأثير إضافة الحمأة إلى التربة المالحة على نمو و تطور نباتات البندورة التصنيعية
Jamil HarbSalhab ، Dafir Mohamed Amen
22014TD443.D37 2014Spatial quality of municipal wastewater flowing in wadi Al Zomar and infiltrated through wadi bed
Nidal MahmoudAl Daraowsheh ، Ahmed D
32014S471.P32Q364 2014Environmental impacts of the separation Wall-Induced floods on the soil biosphere and crops in western Qalqilya
Jamil HarbHokari، Chizuko
42014TD745.S53 2014A case study of urban wastewater balancing to study wastewater pollution loads and groundwater pollution in the city of Nablus-East (Palestine) =موازنة مياه الصرف الصحي في المناطق الحضرية لدراسة مقدار التلوث من الصرف الصحي و تلوث المياه الجوفية في شرق نابلس
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Nidal MahmoudShaheen، Osama Hafez Qadri
52014TD761.A46 2014Nitrogen and heavy metal fluxes from cesspits in Palestine : Beit Dajan and Beit Fourik as a case study
Nidal MahmoudAmous، Belal
62014RA567.7.Q25 2014Composition , production rate and management of dental solid waste in two Palestinian governorates =مكونات مخلفات عيادات الأسنان الصلبة ، معدل إنتاجها و إدارتها في محافظتين فلسطينيتين
Issam A. Al-KhatibAl-Qorom، Sameer Mofeed
72013TD789.P32J373 2013Assessment of current municipal solid waste management in Jenin district =التقييم الحالي لإدارة النفايات البلدية الصلبة في محافظة جنين
Isam Al-KhatibAl-Batnij، May O
82013TD760.S44 2013Wastewater reuse for irrigation purposes on soil conditioned with zeolite
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Omar ZimmoSehweil ، Samya
92013TD745.A283 2013 Pretreatment options for wastewater from stone cutting industry in Hebron district =خيارات المعالجة الأولية للنفايات السائلة الخارجة من مناشير الحجر في منطقة الخليل
Rashed Al-SaedAbu Al-Failat، Malek
102012TD429.T43 2012Drivers and barriers of house onsite grey water treatment and reuse in Palestinian rural areas =المحفزات و المعيقات للمحطات المنزلية لمعالجة المياه الرمادية في المناطق الريفية الفلسطينية
Nidal MahmoudThaher، Rehab A.
112012TD462.H36 2012Chlorination efficiency and chlorine decay in water distribution systems in Palestine : the case of Kufor Malek
Maher Abu-MahdiHamdan ، Maher Mousa
122012TD171.7.T53 2012 Effectiveness and enhancement of stakeholders' participation in environmental projects =فعالية و تعزيز مشاركة أصحاب المصلحة في المشاريع البيئية
Ziad Mimi Tibi ، Shahd Osama
132012TD878.48.H68 2012Phytoremediation of agricultural land polluted with heavy metals in Wadi Alsamin, Hebron - Palestine
Jamil HarbAl-Housani، Murad
142012TD897.8.P3B38 2012Industrial solid waste management in Hebron governorate and the opportunities for the application of cleaner production principles
Issam AL-KhatibAl-Batnij ، Aida O
152011TD796.5.M34 2011Feasibility of a windrow composting pilot for domestic organic waste recycling in Beit Liqia village - Palestine
Rashed AL-SaedMahmoud Ahmad Mafarjeh
162010TD445.Y37 2010Assessment of a roughing filter as a pre-treatment system for slow sand filter at Aqbat Jaber refugee camp
Nidal MahmoudYassin ، Mohammad E
172010TD756.H373 2010Understanding the causes of sludge bulking and foaming phenomena at Al-Bireh wastewater treatment plant
Rashed Al-SaiedHasan ، Eman Ahmad
182009TD767.4.S26 2009Heavy metals concentrations in biosolids of Al-Bireh sewage treatment plant and assessment of biosolids application impacts on crop growth and productivity
Rashed Al-SaNasser M Samara
192008SB351.P4Z67 2008 Improving of the quality green bell peppers irrigated with saline water through the adoption of environment friendly technigues
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Jamil HarbKamal Qasem Zorba
202008RA595.P3D39 2008 Health risks associated with consumption of untreated water from household : roof catchment systems
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Khaled SwailehAbed Allateef Dawood
212008TD613.P3H35 2008 Characterization of household wastewater streams as a tool for pollution control
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Nidal MahmoudHaitham Kh. All-Halih
222008TD313.W48S25 2008Assessment of drinking water quality of cisterns in Hebron city
Issam Al-KhatibAdel Abdel-Halim Al-Salaymeh
232006GB857.3.P3S53 2006Hydrochemistry of the Natuf Drainage Basin Ramalllah / West Bank
Marwan GhanemIbrahim A. Shalash
242006TD745.Y34 2006Obstacles and incentives of applying anaerobic technologies for sewage treatment in the mediterranean region
Nidal MahmoudMazen Kayed Yahya
252006QR48.M84 2006Molecular identification of microbial communities in wastewater treatment systems
Khaled SwailehRatib Muhammad
262006TD1045.P3H87 2006Hazardous waste management in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
Nidal MahmoudLoay Tayseer Ali Hussein
272006QR201.L44S53 2006Identification of Legionella bacteria in hot water supply in West Bank s hospitals
Ziad MimiAzhar Yousef Al-Sharif
282006TD760.M36 2006Alleviating the negative impact of brackish water and reclaimed wastewater on vicia faba plants through treatment with Jasmonic Acid
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Jamil HarbNisreen Tayseer Mansour
292005TD778.S26 2005Pathogens removal in UASB-septic tanks and Al-Bireh oxidation ditch wastewater treatment plant
راشد الساعدصبحي سمحان
302005TD313.P3Q25 2005The Effectivenss of Water Education in Water Conservation
زياد الميميرنا قيمري
312005TD423.D34 2005Pollution and water quality assesment of wadi al qilt
Rashed AL-SaGhassan A. Daghrah
322001TD313.P19Q94 2001Modeling Domestic Water Use for the Service Area of Nablus Municipality
زياد الميمينداء قزيح
331999TD758.5.N58Y36 1999ِِِAmmonia Volatilization in Duckweed-Based and Algae-Based Stabilization Containers
راشد الساعداياد يعقوب يعقوب