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A Poll about the library and its services
Below are questions designed to determine the satisfaction of the Main Library users for its performance and services provided, in order to provide the best level of qualitative and quantitative services to the users.
The participant in the questionnaire :
Bachelor's student( First / Second / Third / fourth / fifth ) year
            / MA Student / PhD Student / Researcher
1- Do you constantly visit the main university library? Yes / No / sometimes Yes / No / Sometimes
2- If yes, what is the reason of the visit? / research work / lack of anywhere else to rest Study / borrow Books / research work / lack of anywhere else to rest
3- What is the most appropriate time for you to visit the library? Morning / Noon / Afternoon / Always
4- Are you aware of the most important services provided by the library? Yes / No / Some
5-Do you think the contents of the library meet the needs of the users? Yes / No / Sometimes
6- Do the library holdings meet the needs of your specialty Yes / No / Sometimes
7- Do you visit the Main Library's electronic page? Yes / No / Sometimes
9- Do you use the Library's online catalog? Yes / No
10- Are you aware of the availability of searchable data bases for electronic journals where you can search through? Yes / No
11- If yes tick near the data base which you used in your search: قواعد دار المنظومة
قاعدة المعرفة
Project Muse
12- Did you know the availability of E-books that can be used? Yes / No
13- If yes tick near the rules that you use? eBrary
FA Davis
Ebsco eBooks
14- In your researches, Do you depend on information resources from : The Main Library / Internet / in Google / Other sources - Specify  
15- In your researches, What media type of information resources do you depend on more? : Printed / Electronic / Both
16- Did you know that there Tablets available to borrow? Yes / No
17- Did you know that there are some text books available and can be borrowed? Did you benefit from it? Yes / No
19- Is the opening hours of the library Sufficient / Insufficient /Need to be extended
20- Are there available number of computers and Internet points? Yes / No
21- Is the status of computers available for library users Good / Medium / Weak
Please mention a specific proposal to increase the effectiveness and development of library services.